About Geek Harvest

We are professional software developers of all skill levels. We think and feel that social coding (coding with a group for fun) is the best way to learn. All of us were once kids and code (at it’s best) is great play.

Some of of us have kids and we try to fence off our professional lives as a way protect our family time. Geek Harvest is an experiment for us parents to open the fence for the summer and bring our kids into the world of coding for fun. We teach our kids how to catch fish, play chess, plant seeds, knit, throw a ball and cook. Why not software? What language could you learn with your daughter or son this summer? Could you write a game? Could you look up RFC 2616 and build a web server from scratch? Is there a civic-minded project that needs building?

Whether your kids are five years old or 17, coding for fun will help you see each other’s minds in a new way. My bet is everyone will come out a bit smarter and closer.

The “harvest” part is where our group reserves the September meeting for a show-and-tell presentation from our parent-kid teams. If you would like to sign up for a slot send an email. Let us know the names and ages of your team members. As the summer progresses let us know what you’re up to. In September, your session can run from 5-20 minutes. It can be pure talk, slides, code walk-through, demo or a combination of any of these. Let us know how we can help.

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