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F# Lab Feedback

Last night we explored the F# language using an online, interactive tutorial at It’s been very encouraging to hear all the positive feedback. Sounds like everyone enjoyed learning something new. And, perhaps F# struck a chord?

F# can do some crazy-powerful things with very little written code. Yesterday, @RachelAppel tweeted:

Going to start doing a talk titled “Anything C# can do F# can do better” with @rachelreese #ThisIsGonnaBeGood

For those of you that couldn’t make it to the lab, go to, click “Learn” and then click “Getting Started with F#.”

Here are more resources. Perhaps we’ll continue exploring F# over the next few labs?

It’s fun to learn! Geek hard!

Poll: Meeting Location

For the past few meetings we have met at Vaco’s new training center in Brentwood. A number of you have expressed the desire to continue to meet in Brentwood, as it being closer to work or home. We certainly recognize many .NET developers work in the Brentwood/Franklin area. Can you help us by answering the following question?

Where would you prefer to meet?


October 24 – .NET Rocks! Live Show

Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are on the road, and stopping tomorrow night in Nashville to record a podcast with Visual Studio and C++ expert Kate Gregory! Come be part of the live audience, geek out with fellow geeks, and enjoy free food, and drinks. Please RSVP.

Carl and Richard will each do a presentation around building modern applications on the Windows platform. Carl leans toward development and client-side technology and Richard leans toward DevOps and server-side technology. Afterwards, we will adjourn to a local pub to continue the conversation.

Huge Thanks to Our Sponsors!

In all the excitement last week, we didn’t give enough credit and recognition to our local sponsors for helping with our biggest event yet. Without their help, we wouldn’t have had all the great food and prizes to give away!

  • TEKsystems – Andrew West (615.886.1130) brought all the trays of sandwich wraps. Andrew has gone above-and-beyond the call of duty the last several months, supplying food, drinks, and coffee at our meetings.  Thanks, Andrew!
  • Vaco - Jonathan Kerr (615.301.4565) brought the 18 pizzas and 2-liter drinks. The team at Vaco are extremely supportive of the developer community in Nashville, sponsoring many user groups and events. Thanks, Jonathan!
  • LeanKit – LeanKit brought the 128GB SSD and t-shirt for us to give away. Chris Hefley, CEO of LeanKit, is a long-time friend and supporter of the Nashville .NET community. We are excited that his great startup company is our newest Gold sponsor!
  • Provisions Group – Caleb McLaughlin (615-790-7032 ext. 12) brought the camera tripod and screen protector. Thanks, Caleb!
  • Emma – Last, but not least, we can’t thank Emma enough for allowing us to host our user group at their incredible “bistro” meeting space. Thanks, Emma!

June 14 – Intro to RavenDB: NoSQL is Rapping at Your Door

The use of non-relational databases is gaining momentum, and can be a great solution in some scenarios. RavenDB is the premier document database for .NET, and offers support for JSON, LINQ, a REST-ful API, automatic indexing, ACID transactions, horizontal scalability, and many more features. In this talk we’ll discuss the pros and cons of non-relational databases, explore features of RavenDB, and walk through some examples of putting RavenDB to work.

Speaker: David Neal

David is a father, geek, musician, and software developer living in the Nashville, TN area. David is currently the Director of Development for Cell Journalist, an online social media service provider for TV stations, newspapers, and radio. Prior to joining Cell Journalist, David was a senior software engineer for Telligent, the leading social networking platform for .NET that powers some of the largest online communities, such as Microsoft’s ASP.NET Forums, MSDN Blogs, Dell, and Game Informer. David is passionate about software craftsmanship, user experience, music, and bacon. David currently serves as president for the Nashville .NET User Group.