Networking and Jobs

The best way to network is to show up at the meetings and introduce yourself. The lectures are fun, and are usually followed by an after-party at a nearby restaurant. The lab meetings have a different flavor: they are very informal and give you three hours to geek and learn with your soon-to-be new friends.

Outside of that, the group actively uses the following social networking tools:

Follow us on Twitter or search the “#nashdotnet” hashtag to see what’s up (meeting announcements, atta-geeks, blog posts, member news, etc.)

Code? Yep, here it is.

Join the LinkedIn Group. If you are hiring (or if you are a recruiter) the NashDotNet LinkedIn group is the place to post job openings (here specifically). On the LinkedIn group please observe these rules:

Please reserve the “Discussions” tab for general discussions. If you have a job opening to announce, please post that to the “Jobs” tab. If you have services to offer, please post that to the “Promotions” tab. Also, this is a geographically bounded group; please don’t post jobs that are outside of the greater Nashville area.

Some presentations are recorded, others are not. Here’s what we’ve got.

Subscribe to the Newsletter (Google Group). Signup to receive emails announcements about upcoming meetings and events (typically four emails per month).

Join the Facebook Group and “like us”, grow virtual turnips for us, or post embarrassing pictures and rants. That’s what it’s all about, right?

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