Next Meeting: February 21 Lab at Vaco

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Because the 2nd Thursday of the month falls on Valentine’s Day, we WILL NOT meet on February 14. Please treat your spouse, significant other, or new found programming love to a special evening :)

Because of scheduling conflicts, we WILL meet at Vaco February 21 in Brentwood. Vaco is located at 5410 Maryland Way, Brentwood, TN 37027. We will be meeting on the first floor in Vaco’s new training room.

Lab: Web Services 101

This lab is aimed at ASP.Net (web forms) programmers who have never created a web service. Beginners are welcome. We will create a simple web service and consume the service from an ASP.Net web page. We will then use the service from an HTML page with jQuery’s Ajax method. We will talk about the difference between SOAP and JSON. We will talk about why web service techniques are useful and how to apply them to your work and projects.

About Clay McKinney

Clay McKinney has been working with the web since 1999, and with ASP.Net since 2006. He has been the Lead Developer at StrategyCorps since 2011.


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