January 17th – Career Lab

Join us Thursday, January 17, 2013 for a great night of hands-on geek fun and learning. To follow-up our career panel, we would like to continue our discussion of career development with a lab focused on important skills such as communication and interviewing. For those of you that missed the career panel, here is a video.

Free food and socializing starts at 6:00 PM, and the lab begins at 6:30 PM. Our meetings are held at 11 Lea Avenue, Nashville, TN (directions).

One thought on “January 17th – Career Lab

  1. Ted Higgins

    Great information from everyone on the panel. As a self taught DBA/developer I was glad to hear that those with a learning initiative (reading books, websites, etc) were held in high esteem.

    Since I’m looking to relocate to the Nashville area from Austin Texas, I wrote down the names of the consulting firms present as well.

    Good insight on finding work and learning opportunities, thanks for sharing this!

    Ted Higgins
    Tandem DBA
    Dell Inc.
    Austin, Texas


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