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Huge Thanks to Our Sponsors!

In all the excitement last week, we didn’t give enough credit and recognition to our local sponsors for helping with our biggest event yet. Without their help, we wouldn’t have had all the great food and prizes to give away!

  • TEKsystems – Andrew West (615.886.1130) brought all the trays of sandwich wraps. Andrew has gone above-and-beyond the call of duty the last several months, supplying food, drinks, and coffee at our meetings.  Thanks, Andrew!
  • Vaco - Jonathan Kerr (615.301.4565) brought the 18 pizzas and 2-liter drinks. The team at Vaco are extremely supportive of the developer community in Nashville, sponsoring many user groups and events. Thanks, Jonathan!
  • LeanKit – LeanKit brought the 128GB SSD and t-shirt for us to give away. Chris Hefley, CEO of LeanKit, is a long-time friend and supporter of the Nashville .NET community. We are excited that his great startup company is our newest Gold sponsor!
  • Provisions Group – Caleb McLaughlin (615-790-7032 ext. 12) brought the camera tripod and screen protector. Thanks, Caleb!
  • Emma – Last, but not least, we can’t thank Emma enough for allowing us to host our user group at their incredible “bistro” meeting space. Thanks, Emma!

August 16th – JavaScript Lab with Elijah Manor

Last week’s meeting at Emma’s new office was a smashing success! We had more than 60 people in attendance. Elijah Manor gave us two great presentations on JavaScript, which we streamed live, and are available for viewing.

We are very excited to announce that Emma’s “Bistro” will be our permanent meeting location for the remainder of 2012! We have received a huge amount of positive feedback on both the location and the “coolness” factor of the meeting space. One developer said, “This place has a great vibe.” We couldn’t agree more!

This week, Elijah is back to lead our hands-on lab. Bring your laptop, if you have one, and be prepared to improve your JavaScript skills!

Who: Elijah Manor
What: Learn to solve common JavaScript bugs
When: Thursday, August 16th, 2012, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Where: Emma’s “Bistro”

Big thanks to Onora Group for sponsoring food and drinks for this meeting!

August 9th – Elijah Manor Double-Feature!

We have a couple of very exciting announcements for August. First of all, we are very privileged to not only have Elijah Manor speaking, but he has offered to present two awesome talks for the price of one!

Secondly, Emma is graciously allowing us to meet at their new, amazing offices located downtown Nashville near LP Field and Korean Veteran’s Boulevard (directions here). There is plenty of free parking, and a lot more meeting space. As always, doors will open at 6:00 PM for free food and drinks, followed by the lecture, and ending with great giveaways around 8:30 PM.

Update (Aug 7): We have some great prizes to give away! So far, we have a gaming headset, Logitech keyboard and mouse, licenses for software such as Telerik Ultimate Collection, and a 128GB SSD!

Exterminating Common jQuery Bugs

jQuery is so easy to use and thankfully abstracts many of the cross-browser concerns we used to labor over years ago. However, as with any library there are a common set of bugs that tend to crop up the more you use it.

This session aims to help equip developers with the appropriate knowledge and tools to exterminate many common bugs seen in jQuery code. For each topic that is covered we will start with a piece of code that has a jQuery bug, then identify what the bug is, explain why it is happening, and then proceed to explore various techniques to exterminate the bug.

Some bugs have a simple fix, whereas other bugs have numerous ways you could look at solving the problem. These solutions can range from simple to advanced concepts. By exterminating bugs in multiple ways it will help expose some of the newer and more advanced features of jQuery that aren’t as widely known.

Some of the bugs that we will address involve dealing with synchronous and asynchronous code, uncovering some possibly confusing aspects of the $.each method, explaining why and how you might have killed event delegation, explaining the difference between commonly confused jQuery methods, uncovering why some animations have a mind of their own, and much more.

Using Underscore.js to Solve Common Problems

Underscore.js is a very powerful JavaScript library that provides a suite of utility methods useful for many front-end development projects. It works nicely along-side jQuery, Backbone.js, and many other libraries. Instead of just going through the API we will target 5 common problems that front-end developers encounter and show how we can use Underscore.js to easily tackle them. Once you see the value of this little library you might find yourself adding it to every new project going forward.

Speaker: Elijah Manor

Elijah Manor is a Christian and a family man. He develops at appendTo as a Trainer and Senior Architect providing corporate jQuery support, training, and consulting. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, ASP.NET MVP, and ASPInsider specializing in front-end development. He enjoys blogging at and tweeting (@elijahmanor) about the things he learns.

Directions to August 9th Meeting

The August 9th User Group meeting will be held at Emma in the newly renovated Trolley Barns, located on Lea Avenue. Unfortunately, online maps have not yet been updated to accurately show this location.

  • Take I-24 to the East side of downtown Nashville
  • Take Exit 49, Shelby Ave / Korean Veteran’s Boulevard
  • Drive across the Korean Veteran’s Boulevard bridge
  • At the next light, turn left on to Hermitage Ave
  • Go through the next light (Peabody). The Trolley Barns are the long, red brick buildings you should now see on your left
  • Take the next left
  • Turn right into the parking lot
  • The meeting space is located at the end of this first building (see map below)