Monthly Archives: July 2012

July 19 – Lab

Bring your laptop and join us for free food, drinks, giveaways, and lots of geek fun. We’ll take a vote on coding exercises, video training, Q&A, or perhaps all of the above! Hope to see you there!

July 12 – .NET + CQRS + Erlang : Architectural S’mores

The squares run away from CQRS, the hipsters run away from C# (aka “leaving .NET”), and who the heck has even heard of Erlang? In this session we will demonstrate how these three anti-heroes can join together to form an effective, non-traditional, badass way of building beautiful, scalable, maintainable systems. What is CQRS? CQRS is an architectural pattern with two goals 1) commit technological heresy 2) separate reads from writes at the system level. What’s Erlang? An industry-proven functional programming language that simplifies writing reliable, concurrent, distributed systems. What’s .NET? OK, stop with the silly questions. Well why these three? Many of the ideas of CQRS dovetail perfectly with the sweet-spots of Erlang… er, um… until you get to the UI part. Erlang doesn’t have much to say about the CQRS tenet of task-based UIs, but Microsoft does— search “Microsoft Inductive User Interface” and you’ll see what I mean. Erlang + CQRS + .NET “Go Team!”

Speaker: Bryan Hunter

Bryan Hunter is a geek, a founding partner of Firefly Logic and a Microsoft MVP in C#. Bryan is obsessed with Lean, functional programming (Erlang, C# and F#), CQRS and Caliburn.Micro. He has been speaking on each of these subjects tirelessly for years at meetups, bars, user groups, bars, regional conferences and bars. You can say hi to Bryan on Twitter (@bryan_hunter), read his blog at Fresh Brewed Code, and see what Firefly Logic is all about here: