Monthly Archives: July 2011

July 21, 2011 – Lab “Dependency Inversion, dependency injection and IoC”

Special Theme Night: “Dependency Inversion, dependency injection and IoC” Dependency inversion is the “D” in the often-cited “SOLID principles” of objected oriented design. We will discuss dependency inversion as a group and answer the questions “why bother?” and “what’s involved?”  We will also do a series of quick, informal dog-and-pony shows on various IoC containers (Castle, StructureMap, Ninject).  If you’ve struggled with DI / IoC, bring your questions. If you have a favorite container, come tell us about it. Should be a fun night.

In the meantime, here’s a nice, free screencast from TekPub on dependency injection:

Note to Parents:
If you want your youngsters to grow up to be healthy geeks, come to the lab and ask about the “Geek Harvest”  (more info here).

July 14, 2011 – Josh Bush “Getting Started with CouchDB and .NET”

Topic: “Getting Started with CouchDB and .NET”
“CouchDB is a document database which is gaining popularity in the “NoSQL” movement. This session will introduce you to these non-relational concepts and describe how they compare/contrast with the relational solutions you’re already familiar with. We’ll go through the basics of CouchDB and show how easy it is to use it from .NET.”

Speaker: Josh Bush
Josh Bush is a Sr. Software Developer with 7 years experience developing software for the healthcare industry. He is passionate about web based technologies utilizing the latest that HTML5 and JavaScript have to offer. Josh has developed and maintains a few open source jQuery plugins. You can read the occasional blog post from Josh on his website at or follow him on twitter (@digitalBush).