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June 16, 2011 – Lab “All About Testing – Part 2 of 2″

Special Theme Night: “All About Testing – Part 2 of 2″
Last month’s lab was a blast– around 30 people hung out for three of the most fun, geeky hours of the year. This month’s lab will continue on the theme of unit testing and test-driven development. If you didn’t make it last month, don’t worry– you won’t be lost. Even on a theme night, the labs are more like “Gilligan’s Island” than “Twin Peaks”.

We will do some live coding on the projector. We will have test katas for teams to work through. We will have experts on hand to help us out.

To get an early start, check out Derek Greers’s series on writing effective tests:

…and here’s a nice, free screencast from TekPub on unit testing:

Note to Parents
If you want your youngsters to grow up to be healthy geeks, come to the lab and ask about the “Geek Harvest”  (more info here).

June 9, 2011 – John Kellar “Practical approach to implementing MVVM with Silverlight”

Topic: “Practical approach to implementing MVVM with Silverlight”
“You have probably seen a number of sessions that provide academic descriptions of how to use Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) in your projects, but have you implemented it yet? This sessions will walk through a practical approach of how to leverage MVVM without all the philosophical anecdotes. This session will be completely code oriented with minimal slides and expects attendees are familiar with XAML and C# at the basic level.”

* If you’ve never touched XAML, poke around here ( some before Thursday and you’ll be A-OK.

Speaker: John Kellar
John Kellar is a Senior Enterprise Architect for Terenine and a regular technical presenter at local and regional events. He has delivered solutions in a variety of markets including healthcare, government, financial services, gaming and manufacturing. In addition to being Founder and Chairman of the devLink Technical Conference; John has served as a member of the Nashville .NET User Group Board of Directors and a charter member of the Little Rock .NET User Group where he served two years as Vice-President. He has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2007. You can view his blog at or say hi to him on Twitter (@johnkellar).

Special Note: If you’re bummed you couldn’t make CodeStock and want information about devLink 2011 this meeting is a great time to ask– John Kellar runs devLink.