Monthly Archives: May 2011

May 19, 2011 – Lab “All About Testing”

Josh Bush, Dan Mohl and Derrick Greer

Special Theme Night: “All About Testing”
This month’s lab will focus on unit testing, test-driven development and behavior-driven design. We have experts on hand to help us out:

  • Bryan Hunter – installing NUnit and starting of with red-green-refactor
  • Derek Greer – BDD in C# by-hand with NUnit
  • Dan Mohl - Unit testing in F#
  • Josh Bush - BDD in JavaScript with Jasmine

To get an early start, check out Derek’s series on writing effective tests:

May 12, 2011 – Alex Robson & Jim Cowart “Introduction to Symbiote”

Topic: An Introduction to Symbiote
“Symbiote is a set of open source libraries with a lofty goal: make it simpler to write distributed, scalable systems that leverage best-of-breed open source libraries and open specifications. Symbiote’s libraries provide simple API abstractions which cover the most common use cases for logging, caching, messaging, persistance, and windows services. This talk will focus on Symbiote’s messaging system enables service oriented, distributed systems.”

Note: If you are “hardcore-geek” and haven’t made it to a meeting this year, this would be a good topic to come in for. If you’d like to take a peek at Symbiote beforehand it’s on GitHub:

Alex Robson is a Senior Software Developer and Architect obsessed with distributed architecture and the technologies that enable them. He enjoys contributing to one of many open source projects, reading about new languages and writing the occasional blog post. You can learn more about Alex from his blog ( and on Twitter (@A_Robson)

Jim Cowart has over 11 years of experience in development – including time spent as middle-tier application developer, database developer, data architect, data warehouse architect, desktop and web UI developer. He’s particularly passionate about distributed architectures, and the role web clients can play in them. He currently works as a Senior Architect and Developer at Terenine in Chattanooga, TN. You can learn more about Jim from his blog ( and on Twitter (@ifandelse)